All Call Signs Chat Service For Vulnerable Vets and Serving Soldiers

We’re shit at talking. It’s time to change that.

All Call Signs is a peer-to-peer communication app for Veterans and serving Military Personnel. Our chat service is manned by volunteers who have served in The Forces and understand the stresses and struggles that come with daily life in and out of uniform. If life is getting you down and you need someone to speak to, hit the chat button below. We’re here.

Fighting for your mental wellbeing:

At All Call Signs our goal is to use technology and the power of community to improve the mental health of servicemen, women & veterans. Our hope is that this will manifest in a healthier, happier life for individuals suffering with mental health issues and will reduce the number of self-harm incidents and suicides in the military community. The RAP process is a technology-led attack against PTSD, depression & anxiety.


When a vulnerable member of the military community goes missing, we need boots on the ground fast. Beacon, our geo-location powered emergency response application sends an immediate alert to any All Call Signs members and relevant agencies in the vicinity, along with details on where best to help and who the point of contacts are.

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Through our blog, media outreach and social media presence, we’re committed to highlighting the health needs of those in and around the forces. Understanding how stress, anxiety and depression change you , is the first step in recognising it. With early recognition and diagnosis, these issues are much easier to manage.

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The very worst case scenarios for sufferers of depression, anxiety and stress are borne from a feeling of isolation. Through our Listener’s program, we’re able to catch people at their most isolated and vulnerable and signpost them to professionals who can help them. It is our belief that successful awareness and prevention will result in fewer needs for Beacon.

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Latest articles, news and updates:

Launching a Beacon

As some of you may already know, Beacon is an AI powered geo-location app that assists in the search of missing veterans and service personnel. If you're not familiar with beacon, you can learn more and join the service here. In the last month we've had seven requests...

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The MOD doesn’t lack empathy, it lacks data.

There’s a lot of noise in the military community at the minute about the need to reform the mental health services available to serving troops and veterans. It’s not a bad thing, we pride ourselves in being as noisy as possible about the same issues. Serving troops...

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Our first Beacon in review

On Sunday afternoon (09/09/18) we were received information from multiple sources that a veteran was missing. Staffordshire Police were appealing for help in locating this person and a short investigation on social media unearthed some worrying information: He had...

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