All Call Signs Listeners Guide


Samaritans Hotline: 116 123

Non-emergency Police: 101

Combat Stress 24hr: 0800 138 1619




All Call Signs connects serving and veteran service personnel who need a chat and that’s what listeners should aim to be: someone who is easy to talk to about anything and everything that may come up. What you should not try to be is a counsellor or a mental health professional, or try to give advice that you are not qualified to give. ACS users have chosen the service because you have a military background and you can understand the things that are worrying them, so be friendly and stick to what you know and you’ll have made a huge difference to somebody’s life. If you believe someone requires professional help, please divert them to the All Call Signs on-boarding page.

Once the connection is made between an ACS caller and a listener, your conversation is private, you can stay in contact as much as you’d like. Where this service differs from a call centre or something similar is that YOU can keep in touch. It’d be nice if you could follow up or check in with someone who has reached out to you for help and see how they’re doing. Showing that kind of compassion and thought can really make a difference to someone who is down or depressed. But please bear in mind that if someone asks you not to contact them then you shouldn’t, if you’re worried they are still at risk please call us on 0330 320 1185 or if you believe it to be an emergency, dial 999. 


What to do if you believe someone to be suicidal

Most people who commit suicide make reference to it before hand, so it is very important that you take any threats or talk of suicide seriously. Where possible, encourage them to reach out to a family member or friend who lives with them or close by. The Samaritans run a 24 hour hotline and are trained to speak to suicidal people, they are available on 116 123.

If you believe someone to be in imminent danger of taking their own life, call 999.

If you’re happy with all of the above and you’re a veteran or service person, then sign up to become a listener now.