Mental Health Minute: Missing Your Children

Mental Health Minutes are short audio recordings focused on improving mental health by offering actionable advice on the things that make us stressed, anxious or low of mood. In this clip, we’re discussing missing your children.


Missing your children can be a difficult feeling to experience, especially if you have found yourselves isolated without them. It could be that they are with another parent, or maybe you’re unwell and are keeping them away as a precaution? You might be a key worker and are separating from your children in order to keep them safe? Whatever the reason, it’s important to understand that it’s perfectly normal to find it difficult. We’re intrinsically connected to our children and any prolonged absence from them is hard, particularly in current circumstances when there is so much uncertainty. In this mental health minute, we’ll discuss three ways you can reduce the stress and anxiety that you or your children might be experiencing. Let’s get started:

1. Stay Connected: Just because you’re physically separated, doesn’t mean you can’t talk. Use video chat apps like whatsapp, facetime or facebook messenger to stay in contact. If your children are younger, arrange with whoever is looking after them to video call them regularly. If they are older or hard to engage with on the phone try playing a game online or agreeing to watch a movie at the same time which you can discuss over a call or text. Always have a plan on when you’ll next speak to them, so you have this to look forward to.

2. Be productive: Try not to dwell on missing your children. Cook, clean, work, do the things you’d normally do. If at any time you find yourself thinking about your kids, take note of what you’d be doing together if the circumstances were different and make a mental agreement that you’ll do it when they’re home, and remember, the separation isn’t forever.

3. Make time for you: As parents we rarely have time for the things we want to do. Don’t feel guilty about using this time for bettering yourself. This separation is out of your control but what you take from it is down to you. So do that online class, read that book, go for that jog. Self care and self improvement are not selfish, and you being the best version of you will benefit your family in the long run.

Thanks for listening, be sure to follow All Call SIgns for more mental health minutes. Stay safe, stay healthy and make time, even if it is just a minute, for your mental health.


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