Military Chat Service Launches Amid Concerns Over Veteran Suicide Rate

PRESS RELEASE: 18/08/2018

All Call Signs: A peer-to-peer chat app for veterans and military personnel has launched amid concerns over high waiting times for mental health services and a growing number of veteran suicides. The web app, which connects vulnerable parties with an ex-serviceman or woman to talk to, was created by former members of The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment in the wake of the loss of one of their own battalion’s veterans.

All Call Signs Co-founder; Daniel Arnold of Portsmouth , Hampshire said “It’s a sad fact that many of us have now lost more friends to suicide than we have to war, All Call Signs connects people who need to chat with veterans who have worn their shoes and are willing to listen. We’re not counsellors, just soldiers sick of losing friends to suicide and trying to do something about it.”.

All Call Signs is free and open to use by anyone who is serving or has served in the Army, Navy or Air Force and can be found at


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