‘Walking Home For Christmas’ to celebrate collaboration with Walking With The Wounded

When we started All Call Signs, a little over two years ago, we vowed to put collaboration at the centre of our working model. In an already fractured military care system, we didn’t need another organisation working in a silo, failing to communicate, share resources or align with others towards a common goal. We stand by the belief that joined up care pathways provided by the best people placed to deliver them, whether that’s us or not, is the only real hope we have of creating a military welfare and care system that works for the end user.

Easy to say. But we’re proud that our record goes beyond words. In the short time we’ve been in the space, we’ve collaborated, partnered with and worked nationally alongside organisations such as Royal British Legion, SSAFA, RFEA, The Veterans Charity, NHS TILS, The CTS, Samaritans, Police, Search & Rescue Teams, The Ripple Pond, Shout, Veterans’ Gateway, The Office For Veteran Affairs, Fighting Pride, The BACP and many, many others, as well as smaller local offerings all over the UK, particularly in Portsmouth.

In our most recent bid to work together, we have partnered with Solent NHS, South Central Ambulance Service (111) and Walking With The Wounded to deliver the South East Veterans High Intensity Service. A brand new HNS led offering for veterans and their families at the acute end of mental health crisis. This service is there to bolster the already sterling NHS offerings of the Transition, Intervention & Liaison Service (TILS) and the Complex Treatment Service (CTS) with whom we already have close working relationships.

To celebrate this brand new partnership, one of the All Call Signs founders, SJ, is taking part in Walking With The Wounded’s Christmas fundraising initiative; Walking Home For Christmas. Commonly people take part by agreeing to walk a certain distance home for Christmas, but SJ will be covering 50K around Portsmouth and the surrounding areas and marking a route that highlights some of the amazing organisations working in the city to improve mental health for veterans, service personnel and their families. To tie in with the festive season, SJ will complete the ultramarathon distance dressed as Santa!

“I’m genuinely not looking forward to this so you should definitely donate! The first thing is the distance, I haven’t run 50K in years and I am not a young man anymore. Secondly, I can’t imagine a Santa outfit is going to particularly breathable?!”

SJ is one of a team of South East HIS members walking home for Christmas hoping to raise funds for Walking With The Wounded. If you’d like to donate (and we really appreciate it if you do), you could do so here:

DONATE: https://www.walkinghomeforchristmas.com/users/stephen-james



You can learn more about the South East High Intensity Service here:



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