We Need To Talk More

Its a sad fact that too many men and women who serve, or have served, end up killing themselves. Something is causing this epidemic. Whether it’s underlying mental illness, failure to adapt back to civvy life or an inability to process years of trauma, something is at the root and the reason we still don’t really understand it, is because we as military personnel and veterans are notoriously bad at talking about our feelings.

If that doesn’t change, it’s going to keep killing us. There’s nothing we won’t do for each other, we pride ourselves on that. So lets start talking to each other about what’s really going on. That’s the basis of All Call Signs, to provide a platform where brothers and sisters in arms can talk to each other about anything that’s getting them down. It’s not a counselling or a mental health service: If you need professional help, please get it. All it is, is a platform connecting one user to another. Where we differ from anything else like it is everyone you speak to has worn your shoes, we’re all in the same boat dealing with the same issues.

If you need to talk you’ll find a chat widget on every page. It’ll immediately connect you to one of our listeners. If you think you could help someone else by being a friendly ear, then please sign up to our listener service.

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