Beacon Alerts

An immediate and wide-reaching alert response when veterans or service personnel go missing and are believed to be at risk of self-harm or suicide.

Requesting a Beacon Alert

If you’re concerned for a missing veteran or service person and you’d like us to launch a Beacon Alert, please give us a call as soon as possible on 023 9438 7914, ensuring you have:

When service personnel and veterans go missing and are believed to be at risk of self harm or suicide, Beacon Alerts get the word our fast, enabling the military community to assist in locating individuals and getting them to safety. 

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Who can request a Beacon Alert?

A Beacon Alert can be requested by close family, the police or another trusted service (community mental health team, armed forces charity, support organisation, search and rescue etc). In all cases we will require the individual is reported missing with the police and a police incident number or log reference to be provided.

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Who are Beacon Alerts for?

Beacon Alerts are exclusively for veterans and service personnel of the UK Armed Forces. We will need confirmation, or at the very least, strong reason to believe the missing person is a veteran or service person to launch an alert. We are often asked if we can launch Beacon Alerts for cadets, family members or civilians working on military bases. These are more suitable for other missing persons organisations: Missing People & Missing Persons Unit.

What we need to launch a Beacon Alert

We need as much information as possible on the circumstances surrounding the person going missing. This should include wherever possible:

Unsure if a Beacon Alert is the right call?

Get in touch with our team and tell them what is going on. They’ll be able to guide you on what action might be appropriate, even if it is not a Beacon.