Trauma Informed Veteran Aware Training (TIVAT)

ACS · February 22, 2022

Welcome to this e-Learning course on trauma informed, veteran aware care and support. Throughout this course we will explore the topics of trauma and the implications of trauma in the delivery of services. Trauma is more common than you might think, and many veterans, service personnel and family members are likely to have experienced trauma in one form or another throughout their lives. All service providers and care professionals are likely to come into contact with traumatised individuals from time to time, this course is designed to give you the tools to approach the subject of trauma sensitively and appropriately. Video content provided throughout this course is aimed at individuals who work with or support armed forces personnel and veterans, and those delivering clinical services. It has been created by Solent NHS with help from a number of military support organisations and with key insights being provided by veterans.

We’ll explore what trauma is, how it affects us and why some traumas lead to a diagnosis of PTSD. We’ll look at how different types of trauma affects us in our day to day lives, discuss the importance of trauma informed services and learn how to work with individuals affected by trauma. We’ll learn how armed forces culture affects our exposure to and processing of traumatic incidents and how we can apply all of the above to our own services and support offering when working with veterans, while building our own resilience and protecting our well-being.

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