Isolation Tips | Episode Three: Communication

In the latest episode in our series of short videos offering tips for managing self-isolation as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. In previous episodes we discussed working from home and keeping active, in this edition we’re going to talk about communicating about your mental health and recognising/managing your own triggers. Watch the video below now:


Communication is key all of the time, but this is even more important when isolating with others for a very extended period of time. 

Non-verbal aids like fridge charts or some other tools which allows you to let others know how you’re feeling or when you may be struggling without the need to discuss it if you’re not ready to. 

Whether working from home, educating the kids or trying to find ways to fill the days, make sure you are carving out specific time to reflect on your mood and current mental health and take steps to address any issues. Increased anxiety at the moment is normal, it’s perfectly okay to feel that and speak about it. 

Relaxation time is extremely important. Have time to yourself, listen to music or have a bath. As much as you’re making time for yourself, make time for family cohesion too. Whether it’s a board game, a film or a short walk as a family, they’ll all do things to improve your mental health. 

Please also take time to notice if other people are struggling with ill mental health while in isolation. Some common triggers are individuals who change the way they behave: This could be becoming quite reclusive when they’re usually quite happy and jovial or equally it could be someone who is usually quiet suddenly becoming quite manic or extrovert in person or on social media. Maybe someone has a short temper and is starting to ‘snap’ very easily. 

Try not to be too hard on yourself or others and remember that we’re still all learning how to make all of this work. Take care of eachother and stay safe.

Resources Mentioned

Headspace – Wellness App

Big White Wall – Mental Health Support

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Mind – Managing Mental Health In Isolation