Isolation Tips | Episode Two: Keeping Active

Physical activity is hugely important to mental health and overall wellbeing. In episode two of our series of short videos we’re focusing on things you can do at home to stay active during the isolation period of the Coronavirus outbreak. 




Resources Mentioned In The Video



Zwift is a cycling and running app that gamifies fitness and helps keep you on track with your goals. You can learn more here.


30 Day Challenge

AJ Roberts is a public speaker, podcaster, coach and British Armed Forces veteran. In light of the current climate, he has released a FREE 30 Days To The Best Version of You Home Workout Program which aims to give you advice and insights into maintaining your health while isolated. You can join here.


Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks is offering free youtube live PE lessons designed to keep the kids engaged during isolation but just as good for the whole family to get involved with. You can find his channel here.


Managing Food Intake

  • Try and get your fruits and vegetables in.
  • Keep an eye on sell-by dates on fresh produce and keep waste to a minimum.
  • Tinned fruits and vegetables last much longer. 
  • Take advantage of being at home and think about things you can grow yourself if you have the garden space, if nothing else, it’ll give you something to do that isn’t work.



Just as with work, routines around fitness and personal care will help you maintain good habits. Perhaps most important in this is sleep. Try and keep a healthy sleep routine, go to bed at a reasonable time, get eight good hours (or whatever usually works for you to feel refreshed) and get up at a decent time too. 



It would be very easy to slip into poor habits where alcohol consumption is concerned. Just be aware of what you’re drinking and how often and remember that alcohol is a depressant and regular binging is likely to have an adverse effect on your ability to manage the stresses that come with isolation. 


We’ll be back tomorrow with more tips on managing your wellness during isolation. Be sure to share with your friends and family and let’s continue to support each other.