OpCourage is the collective term for the NHS led mental health & well-being services for the UK’s military community. They encompass the Transition, Intervention & Liaison service (TILS), the Complex Treatment Service (CTS) and the new High Intensity Service (HIS).

Proud to be an OpCourage partner provider

In partnership with Solent NHS, Walking with The Wounded and other NHS services, All Call Signs is the peer support provider for the High Intensity Service in the South East. Our Peer Support Workers provide a crucial element to the delivery of the model and in most cases will be the first people you speak to when accessing the service. 


Call 0800 652 2867

Email VTILS@cntw.nhs.uk

OpCourage urgent care by healthcare referral only.


Call 0300 323 0137

Email mevs.mhm@nhs.net


Call 0203 317 6818

Email cim-tr.veteranstilservice-lse@nhs.net

Includes OpCourage urgent care and support.

South East

For services in Surrey, Sussex & Kent call 0203 317 6818 or email cim-tr.veteranstilservice-lse@nhs.net

For services in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Berkshire, Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire call 0300 365 2000 or email gateway@berkshire.nhs.uk

For the High Intensity Service across the region call 023 94387924 or email snhs.veteranshis.se@nhs.net

South West

Call 0300 365 2000

Email gateway@berkshire.nhs.uk

OpCourage referral by healthcare professional or calling NHS111

Getting started with OpCourage

Click on your area for more information on contact your local OpCourage service providers. 

Still not sure? Speak to a Peer Support Worker today and they’ll help you make the right choice.

Transition, Intervention & Liaison Service

TILS is available to you if you’re a veteran or if you’re serving and approaching your discharge date and experiencing mental health difficulties. TILS can help identify and support mental ill health in a number of ways including providing access to therapy. They can also help with social issues such as housing and employment.

Complex Treatment Service

The CTS is there to support veterans with mental health difficulties related to their service. You can access the CTS through an onward referral from TILS. The CTS can provide access to occupational and trauma focused therapies as well as support on a number of social issues including alcohol & substance misuse, housing, relationships, finances, physical health and employment

High Intensity Service

The HIS is a new service being rolled out in a series of pathfinders by NHS England, to support veterans and their families experiencing mental health crisis and in need of urgent help. 

All Call Signs is proud to be partnering with Solent NHS Trust, Walking With The Wounded and South Central Ambulance Service Foundation Trust to deliver the HIS pathfinder in the South East.

Some advantages of accessing the High Intensity Service are: 

  • Peer Support Workers with lived experience of military life, available early, late and at weekends. 
  • Dedicated social support for issues including housing, employment, alcohol/drug misuse and finances. 
  • A joined-up social care and clinical team to deliver better treatment for mental health and well-being issues.
  • Support for family members too.