Phone Stag: Be there for someone

Could you spare some time for a mucker in need?


This service is in beta, which means you could experience bugs or usability issues in the sign up process, we’re working to improve the service every day. Please report any issues to us on Facebook.

All Call Signs connects serving and veteran service personnel who need a chat, to normal people with a military background. If you have a smartphone with WhatsApp and a sympathetic ear, then you already have everything you need to start helping. Use the form to register your details and we’ll start connecting All Call Signs users to you if they need a chat. Don’t worry, you’re not expected to be a counsellor, just a friendly voice. For tips on how to offer the best support, see our ACS Agents Guide.


Too Short
Needed in case you forget your username and password. We may send you occasional emails regarding the listener service.
Must be a UK registered mobile number. You'll need WhatsApp before you can become a listener, you can get it here.
At ACS we're looking for listeners with a military history. Please add your service number or if you are a spouse of military personnel, you can add theirs.
Please include a link to a social network profile where we can learn a little more about you. Any social network is fine but preferably Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
This can be changed in your user profile. You should leave this set to available unless you'd rather not be contacted for a bit.