All Call Signs Supporter Subscription

Due to the recent COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) outbreak, you may experience delays in delivery of items purchased. Please keep an eye on our blog for more information on changes of services.

All Call Signs Supporter Subscription

£5.00 / month

By supporting All Call Signs with a monthly subscription to our supporter platform, you’re enabling us to continue working for veterans and service personnel. Contributions fund our Chat and Beacon applications. They support our campaigning and awareness activities and they allow us to offer direct support to veterans and service personnel who may be struggling.

When you join our supporter platform, we’ll send you a welcome letter and an All Call Signs wristband in the post. You’ll get regular emails letting you know what we’re up to and how we’re using your contributions.

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We’ve been approached by a number of our listeners, Beacon users and followers, asking how they can support us in what we’re doing here at All Call Signs. That’s why we’ve put together the monthly subscription to our supporter platform. By becoming an All Call Signs support, you’re helping us continue to exist and serve veterans and service personnel on an ongoing basis.

We’re a not for profit organisation, meaning all of our revenue goes back into supporting veterans and running All Call Signs. In the last six months, we’ve campaigned for better awareness of combat associated mental illness, appearing in over 30 national and local publications. We’ve advocated for mental health treatment reform on radio and via a documentary on the BBC. We’ve built two highly successful applications that enable peer support, that have received praise as far afield as the veteran/serving community and in parliament.

We’ve worked with our service delivery partners to get veterans back on their feet in individual cases, including everything from a weekly food shop, to re-homing and helping veterans back into employment.

We want to continue doing the work we’re doing and have several projects ready to go as soon as we have the funding available, including more applications for peer support and mental wellness, as well as networks aimed to reduce the risk of military suicide nationwide.

By becoming a supporter, you’ll be the first to know exactly what we’re up to, via monthly email updates including breakdowns of where we use money and what we have coming up in terms of goals and campaigns. You’ll also be invited to feedback on our goals and campaigns, and help shape the nature of the work we do going forward. Your support helps us save lives and change the realities of what it means to live with combat associated mental illness. Thank you.